Diane and Michael in their garden

A couple of happy farmers growing organic produce by the Animas River in Cedar Hill, New Mexico and loving it.


We proudly sell our produce every Saturday morning from 8AM to noon at the TBK Bank, located at 259 West 9th street, in the parking lot of the First National Bank of Durango.

Our produce can also be purchased at Durango Natural Foods Co-op,  located at 575 East 8th Avenue and Nature’s Oasis, located at 300 South Camino del Rio. We deliver to these merchants weekly, as available.

Our produce can also be enjoyed in the delicious offerings of Cream Bean Berry, located at 1021 Main Avenue, Durango. Katie has a special touch when it comes to utilizing our produce in her yummy artisan ice cream and sorbet.

Michael and Diane at the Durango Farmers Market
Tomatoes at the Durango Farmers Market
Set-up for market


Crops we grow:

Basil, broccoli, kale, cabbage, lettuce, arugula,  bok choi, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapenos, paprika peppers, green chili, summer squash, eggplants, cantaloupes, peaches, nectarines, table grapes, blackberries and raspberries.

Bed of butterhead lettuce
Red cabbage
Peppers ready for sale
Bountiful blackberries ripening on the bush
Grapes waiting to be picked
Picking peppers
Tomatoes in the Hoop House
Zucchini squash
Cabbage and garden
Boc Choi and lettuce


Our garden plot measures approximately 1/3 of an acre with 17 permanent beds. We have two rows of grapes, and one row with a mix of blackberries and raspberries. We practice intensive growing methods. No bed is planted to the same family of crops one year to the next. We use a rotation method of at least two years between growing crops within the same plant family, in order to reduce disease and pathogens. We love having the garden located close to our house, up close and personal. The entire garden is watered with drip irrigation, with water supplied from our domestic well.

Garden in June
Mustard in bloom, shaded bell peppers, and cucumbers in full production

Growing Practices

Practicing intensive growing methods, we plant triticale, hairy vetch and kodiak mustard for cover crops, tilling them under to build the soil every year. We incorporate various manures, bone and blood meal, and fish emulsion in our fertilizer program. Vermicompost tea is applied regularly to aid in strengthening the plant  health . For weed control we utilize black plastic, and we are well practiced at hand weeding and hoeing. All pesticides and insecticides  we apply are included on the OMRI (Organic materials review institute) list.

Late season garden, hairy vetch is getting big, and the melon vines are overtaking their neighbors
Michael and the tractor hard at work tilling in triticale,  providing a heavy cover crop
Time to till in the triticale
Triticale cover crop in the spring


Hoop House


Our 20’x48′ hoop house enables us to get a jump on our pepper and tomato production, as well as basil and cucumbers. Practicing our two year rotation, we plant cover crops and till them into the soil for two years before moving the hoop house to a renewed growing area every year. Plants in the nightshade family are prone to spreading diseases and pathogens when planted one year after another.

Tomatoes getting off to a good start in June
Peppers and tomatoes in July
Heavily loaded cucumbers in the Hoop House
Basil interplanted with the tomatoes

About Us

Michael and Diane in their garden

Michael and Diane Schwebach grew up in farm families in central New Mexico. In 2005, with dirt in their blood and a love for the beauty of the Four Corners area, we purchased and moved to a somewhat neglected farm along the Animas River in Cedar Hill New Mexico, 10 miles north of Aztec. Recognizing a need for warmer weather produce at the Durango Farmers Market, we launched into weeding and other numerous tasks necessary to grow and deliver tasty, local, organically grown produce to the wonderful folks living in and around the Durango, Colorado area.

Enjoying market day with our family, Jesse, Tela and Elliott
Enjoying the off season in Yosemite

Michael and Diane Schwebach

Home:  505-334-5111

Michael’s Cell: 505-321-3252

Diane’s Cell: 505-321-3331

mailto: mdschwebach@gmail.com